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Key To Your Internet Success

The plain truth is that the Major Search Engines rank websites based on the words that are written on the site’s pages, NOT on the beauty of the site’s graphics, nor on the owner’s opinion of the site’s features. Studies have shown again and again that although visitor’s are receptive to an attractive website, these visitor’s are most interested in solid information about the goods and services they are looking for (related to the words they typed into a search engine). If your web designer believes otherwise, your website is not going to generate very many sales for you.

An¬†integrated web design company. What do we mean when we say “integrated”. It means that automatically integrates the 3 essential elements of a web site: function, SEO and conversion into a cohesive product that pulls visitors to your website and sells your company to them. Some firms like to specialize in SEO after a site is built, but the downside to that approach is that your investment is larger than it needs to be.

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If the site is already up and running, then there is no choice but to apply the necessary principles and rebuild those parts of the site as required.
It is essential that we have clear goals in mind, and the outline of a plan before site construction begins, We will discuss all the various options with you and mutually agree to all phases before the work starts.

It is equally essential that the one part of the plan that must be implemented is to start the site on the path to generate income for you as fast as possible. You will be amazed at how fast even a new website can begin to generate a substantial cash flow.

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