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8 Secrets To A Successful Website

As of to-day you would not be able to handle the volume of business that will be attracted by first-place ranking in Google. The Internet is that big.

Experience shows that from the time we start to build your ordinary STANDARD website, it takes from 10 to 16 months to reach first page ranking. In the meantime you have invested heavily in a website with no return. You are temporarily worse off than you were without a website. That’s why the first website we build for you is a fast money maker.

The cost of your website is FAR less important than how much it makes you, especially when you earn while you build!!

You don’t know which factors in a website your prospects will respond to with orders. You DO know what appeals to you, but you are not your customer.

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I don’t know which website factors will induce your prospects to buy from you, but I DO know how to find out. I’ve used those same techniques here.!

There are techniques which can be used which will generate revenues almost immediately while at the same time providing tons of information about how to build your website.

This is the system Aquilifer uses to provide you with a steady income stream while scientifically optimizing the details of your website.

Your site needs to convert visitors into buyers. Often this means that you need to stop driving potential buyers away. Also, your sales copy must be clear, on target, and compelling.

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