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The Scientific Approach To Search Engine Optimization Leads To Success white hat search engine optimization Hanging capital red ‘w’hen we  talk to you about Search Engine Optimization we are referring to the sum of all the things that a web designer must do in order to bring the client the MOST business. What are these things?

There is a whole list of ingredients that need to be an integral part of your website if it is to be considered a success.
First it must bring as many visitors as possible to website. This is usually accomplished by ranking high in the Search Engine Results Pages.

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The website’s underlying code must written in a manner that the Search Engines readily understand and approve of. These are White Hat techniques. There also are techniques such as “keyword stuffing” and “cloaking” which Search Engines penalize very severely. These are called Black Hat techniques. We uses only White Hat coding on ALL of its websites.

The website should look clean and simple. It should shun complications such as Flash and other animations. It should be Black text on a White background. It must avoid driving away eager buyers.

The website must gather scientific information about what features on the website are attracting the most buyers. This is initially intensive, but needs to be an ongoing process.

The sales copy on the site needs to be clear and compelling. The job of the copy is to convert visitors to buyers.

The simple equation is this
The most visitors x the most conversions = the most profit.
There are also many, many, other factors which go into making up a well optimized website. Most of them never show on the visible page. Google claims it considers over 100 factors in ranking web pages.

These factors could be listed here, but they change frequently, and some would be out-of-date before you could read this. You are better served by talking to us, getting a good book, or doing on-line research.

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